12 Best Compound Butter Recipes

Making compound, or flavored butter is as simple as mixing good quality butter and something tasty. One example is my “chicken butter” obsession. For something irresistible, take crispy, flavorful chicken skin and mix it with salted butter!

You can also try these simple compound butter recipes if you have never tried them.

12 Best Compound Butter Recipes

Garlic Herb Compound butter and more!

1. Basil Butter

It’s almost fall, so now is the time to use or save your fresh herbs. This basil Butter is the perfect recipe, as it can be frozen throughout winter. Basil, along with garlic, gives this butter a fresh taste that’s perfect to enjoy during summer.

You can also switch basil with other herbs if you have enough.

2. Garlic Herb Butter for Steak

Garlic and herbs make a great combination. Combine them with butter and spread them on your favorite meat or bread. It’s sure to become your new favorite recipe.

This butter is easy to make and looks amazing.

It’ll impress your friends and family with a succulent steak with this sauce melting on top.

3. Chipotle Lime Compound butter

This creamy, spicy chipotle-lime compound butter is creamy and tangy. It can also be used on vegetables and potatoes, as well as your favorite protein.

Chipotle peppers can be fiery and smoky, but they are not overwhelming, especially when they are combined with butter.

This would be delicious by itself. To cut through the heat, add some citrusy lime to make it balanced, bright, refreshing, and refreshing.

4. Cinnamon Butter

Are you not in the mood to cook with herbs and spices? This simple, yet delicious butter will satisfy all your sweet tooth. This recipe will include honey or brown sugar. They will both provide distinct flavors but will sweeten the deal just enough. There’s plenty of warming cinnamon, too.

This can be spread on toast, waffles, or pancakes. It is amazing, no matter what.

5. Sun-Dried Tomato Butter

Did you know that sun-dried tomatoes can be made at home?

This recipe will teach you how to make sure you never run out. You can also use store-bought if time is tight. The flavor will still be delicious.

You can make this compound butter to add to your noodles if you prefer buttery noodles.

6. Jalapeno Lime Butter

One of my favorite recipes is lime butter and jalapeno. This recipe is essential for your next taco Tuesday.

It is spicy and tangy and instantly adds amazing flavor to your homemade tacos.

7. Orange Honey Compound Butter

Orange honey butter is a delicious, sweet recipe that can be used on many different treats.

Honey and citrus are both very floral with beautiful floral notes. It’s great on scones, pancakes, and French Toast.

It can be used over chicken and was delicious! To reduce the sweetness, add some Sriracha or salt.

8. Maple Pecan Compound butter

This list couldn’t be complete without a sweet and decadent compound butter to satisfy all of your sweet tooth desires.

Maple is rich and sweet, and the pecans give it some crunch and nuttiness. A great natural syrup will give you a maple flavor. Toasting pecans can activate the oils and make them shine.

This maple-pecan-flavored spread can transform any bland dish into an amazing dessert.

This one is too fancy to be toasted. It deserves fluffy pancakes and crispy waffles.

9. Tarragon Butter

Butter instantly transforms your next seafood or chicken meal from boring to fabulous!

Tarragon, along with garlic and lemon, provides a delicate flavor with hints of anise. As always, the lemon is bright and zesty, and the garlic has a pleasant bite. This will be useful to have on hand for any emergency.

This is what I use under the skin of a roast chicken or holiday turkey. It’s always a big hit!

10-Apple Butter

It was delicious spread on a warm, crispy bagel. What a great way to begin your day! It was also a great way to start your day when you return home.

Who would have thought there would be sweetened compound butter?

All you have to do is check them out immediately.

11-Steaks & Stuff

When you think about homemade flavored compound butter, and how to make them, I’m sure you picture a delicious steak with a slice of melting butter.

There are many ways to make compound butter. Below are some recipes that use butter with seafood, pork, or fish.

12-Savory & Sweet Compound butter Recipes

They were not completely unnoticed by me though.

For example, I had a taste of apple butter while I was in New York a few years ago.

This one was on the Greenwich breakfast menu, which I discovered in a small coffee shop. It was a mystery to me so I ordered it. On our table was a small bowl containing something that looked like apple sauce, but was much firmer.

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